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Get Creative!!

Get Creative

At Camp Birch Knoll, there is nothing we love more than getting our creative juices flowing!  The Baier Family has a long history of creative thinkers, who have always been excited to share their ideas with campers, counselors, and anyone else who will listen!  We have hundreds of activities at camp that encourage a creative spirit:  drawing, painting, theater, dance and making jewelry are only a few.  Here are some ways to seek out creativity in everyday life.


Embrace Bright Ideas!

All creative thoughts deserve to be explored.  Encourage a budding chef to go crazy making their own pizza…hot dogs with mac and cheese?!  Perfect!  Get out the blankets and chairs to create a magical fort for reading, watching movies or just hanging out.  Have a photo shoot with costumes and props to create a fun calendar for someone.  Check out this green screen app for really awesome effects!

Kids Pizza


Get your “DIY” on!

It feels great to show off things that you made with your own two hands!  The best DIY projects involve a solution to a problem in your life.  Have your kids create storage for toys or stuffed animals.  Create a jewelry board to hang on your bedroom wall.  We have lots of fun ideas on our Pinterest page!


Be Dramatic!!

I grew up at camp with my brother, sister, cousins and friends.  We didn’t have tv or iPads to entertain us all day, just our good old imaginations!  We LOVED putting on skits, plays, magic shows and concerts for our families.  Many of them live on only in our memories, but make us laugh twenty years later.  The fun didn’t end after our childhood days, but continued with my nieces and nephews.  Check out how we turned a boring rainy day into a crazy fun movie!



Let your art Shine!

Create a gallery wall in your kids’ rooms to display their works of art!  Encourage them to choose pieces that they spent a lot of time on and that are meaningful to them.  Make sure they sign their work to validate their artistry!  Find mismatched frames from an antique or thrift store and spray paint them to fit with their bedroom theme.  This is a great way to appreciate the creative spirit!

Art Gallery

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  • I wanted to thank you for all the years of wonderful experiences for my daughter. Scott Wallach
  • It's hard to put into words how great the time we had here was. This far exceeded our expectations. Everything we have done here has been phenomenal and has created memories that will last. Cabin 3A, 2009
  • Thank you for putting up with me, giving me a home and my heaven on earth, and helping me find my sisters. I can’t put into words how much camp truly means to me. Faith Ferber
  • At home, it seems like a lifetime until I am fortunate enough to hop back on the bus to CBK. But, when I am here, it seems unfair that camp goes by so quickly. Rebecca Elowe
  • Birch Knoll has been a “life-changing” experience for Molly. There is something about your camp that she loves and cherishes and all the memories she has had will stay with her forever. Lisa Weber
  • I feel very blessed to have found this camp. I thank you again for an amazing summer. Lori Plotnick
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