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The girls live in cabins with 8-12 girls, usually within their own grade. Each cabin has a living area, plus a bathroom, closet and counselor rooms. The cabins all have electricity, windows, screens and cabinets for each girls belongings.

  • 1 Week Session
  • $695

  • August 12th – August 18th

  • 6 nights
  • Test the Waters at Camp
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  • 2 Week Session
  • $3195

  • June 21nd – July 3th
    July 4th – July 16th
    July 18th – July 31st

  • 12 nights
  • A Great Start for Campers
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  • 4 Week Session
  • $5995

  • June 21nd – July 16th
    July 18th – August 11nd

  • 25 nights
  • Our Most Popular Session
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  • 8 Week Session
  • $9995

  • June 21nd – August 11th

  • 51 nights
  • Get the Full Experience
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Is there a nurse on-site?
We have a registered nurse or medic living on-site and have excellent medical care at the clinics and hospital in Eagle River, about 8 miles away.
Can I be in a cabin with my friend?
Of course! We spend hours trying to get the right mix in the cabins. While it is important to meet new girls at camp, it's also nice to have a certain comfort level, especially if it's your first time away from home. We do our best to put new campers together if they do not come with veteran campers; we also tend to put individuals that come without any friends together. There are no hard and fast rules. Remember, that one of the great values of camp is to meet and make friends with new girls.
Can I bring a mobile phone, iPod, iPad, laptop, etc?
We do not allow mobile phones, iPads, laptops, or TVs at camp. It tears at the fabric of what makes camp so special. In fact, we feel so strongly about it, that if we find those items we keep 'em! We do allow iPods and mobile phones without SIM cards as they are often part of programs at camp (dance, special events, etc).
Can we call home?
Campers staying four weeks or more will call home at the parents discretion after the first two weeks. This allows the girls to make a good adjustment to camp and they do a great job on the phone.
Our laundry is done by a professional laundry service that picks up the laundry and delivers it the following day. Each girl’s laundry is done separately and returned to her cabin folded and shrink wrapped.
Transportation and Luggage to Camp?
We encourage the girls to “ride the bus” to and from camp! It really is part of the fun of it and provides a great transition for the girls. They get to meet new friends, renew old friends and get fired up for camp. Transportation is by air conditioned motor coaches. The campers luggage is handled by our own staff. Luggage is brought to the pick up location either the night before or the morning of departure, loaded on the truck and the truck delivers the luggage to camp ahead of the girls, so that when they arrive, it is in their cabin and they are set to go!
How's the food?
Fantastic! Our Head Cook has been with us for years and she is unbelievable! We serve buffet (cafeteria) style, so you choose what to eat. We almost always have a full salad bar and lunch and supper, choice of entrees, desserts and drinks. Plus, there is always Peanut Butter and Jelly!
What should we bring to camp?
First: a big smile and an enthusiastic, fun attitude. We will send you a complete list of what to bring. Camp is informal and relaxed, so dress accordingly. We have cool evenings and mornings, so bring the sweatshirts, long pants, jackets, etc. The days are very pleasant — perfect for summer activities.
What is a Canteen? (Store Account)
Each camper has a canteen account for their personal spending at camp. The Canteen deposit is on your camp invoice. Charges for personal spending on trips, pharmacy or medical bills not covered by insurance, snacks, supplies, etc. are charged to the account and the balance returned to the parents at the end of the summer or applied to the next summer's invoice.

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  • I wanted to thank you for all the years of wonderful experiences for my daughter. Scott Wallach
  • It's hard to put into words how great the time we had here was. This far exceeded our expectations. Everything we have done here has been phenomenal and has created memories that will last. Cabin 3A, 2009
  • Thank you for putting up with me, giving me a home and my heaven on earth, and helping me find my sisters. I can’t put into words how much camp truly means to me. Faith Ferber
  • At home, it seems like a lifetime until I am fortunate enough to hop back on the bus to CBK. But, when I am here, it seems unfair that camp goes by so quickly. Rebecca Elowe
  • Birch Knoll has been a “life-changing” experience for Molly. There is something about your camp that she loves and cherishes and all the memories she has had will stay with her forever. Lisa Weber
  • I feel very blessed to have found this camp. I thank you again for an amazing summer. Lori Plotnick
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