Special Events

Events for everyone!

Birch Knoll is famous for it's wild and crazy special events. We hold a special event nearly every evening – examples include parties, dress-up occasions, capture the flag, and sports night.

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a tradition at camps across the country. It’s the battle between Blue and Yellow and our version includes 5 flags on each side and is played in an open field. More flags means more action!

Sports Night

Do you love sports, but “just for fun”? That’s our Sports Night program! We play a variety of sports that anyone can enjoy: beach ball volleyball, fat albert baseball, kickball, soccer, water polo and variations of many others.

The sports night might involve staff of teams, be by age-group or mixed ages. Each time we do it is different. The goal is participation and FUN!! You will love it!

Sheet Slide

Wow! If you are looking for a unique camp activity that will blow your mind, you have got to try the Great CBK “Sheet Slide”! It’s 140 feet long and 12 feet wide! We roll it down the hill at camp, apply dish soap and warm water (or rain!) and away we go!

Camp Starts in June!

As you can see, Camp Birch Knoll is action packed. You will love every second. We’d love to talk with you about your summer at Camp Birch Knoll!

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  • I wanted to thank you for all the years of wonderful experiences for my daughter. Scott Wallach
  • It's hard to put into words how great the time we had here was. This far exceeded our expectations. Everything we have done here has been phenomenal and has created memories that will last. Cabin 3A, 2009
  • Thank you for putting up with me, giving me a home and my heaven on earth, and helping me find my sisters. I can’t put into words how much camp truly means to me. Faith Ferber
  • At home, it seems like a lifetime until I am fortunate enough to hop back on the bus to CBK. But, when I am here, it seems unfair that camp goes by so quickly. Rebecca Elowe
  • Birch Knoll has been a “life-changing” experience for Molly. There is something about your camp that she loves and cherishes and all the memories she has had will stay with her forever. Lisa Weber
  • I feel very blessed to have found this camp. I thank you again for an amazing summer. Lori Plotnick